Come from precise talents and expertises through comprehensive analysis

RumahScript giving you one stop digital solution to enhancing your business process
make you easier to reach your target market and inform them about how amazing your business are.

Meet the Curator

Shandy Wibawa Shandy Curator of Technology Techno Enthusiast, Researcher and Linux Fans. Throughout more than 10 years experience in computing technology as a Cloud Infra and DevOps engineer, make him able to design one stop solution for almost any kind of business to enhance their productivity and effectiveness.
Muhammad Rizki Maulanajaya Rizki Curator of Development Open Source Enthusiast.
As a developer with more than 3 years experience, Rikzi ensure to manage all obstacle in developing application system to meet users satisfaction. Young, fresh and open minded are his values in developing one stop solution system for all of our customer.
Dody Marefandho Dody Curator of Consulting Techno Enthusiast, Analyst and Consulting.
Having work experience in multiple business models, making it as a values for him to analyze and understand the business concept and process diferentiation and provide precise feedback in enhancing business process through one stop solution system.